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"...The experience and results have far exceeded my expectations...In a three month period I lost 20 pounds and 7% body fat, and improved in all areas of body measurements...Katie is educated and certified in her field and is a true professional."

-- Paul B., 43 years old

"...I have benefited in many ways from Katie's expertise and motivation - my clothes fit better, I have arms that I don't hide behind clothes any more, and I drive the golf ball 20 yards further - all achieved in the comfort of my OWN HOME!"

-- Diane K., 46 years old

Did You Know?

Weight loss ad claims aren't always truthful.  According to the FTC, many weight loss ads make dubious claims - especially regarding rapid weight loss or the ability to lose weight without diet and exercise.

The safest and most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is through eating a balanced, proper diet and exercising.

Want to change your body and

improve your health?

Let Katie Mital Personal Fitness help you meet

your fitness goals and achieve a lifestyle of health

and wellness.

-    Re-introduce safe movement into your life

-    Increase balance and flexibility

-    Improve Your Health

-    Increase Strength and Lean Muscle

-    Firm, Tone and Sculpt Your Body

-    Improve Performance in a Specific Sport

The result is a new you, healthy and in the best shape of your life!

Special Programs Offered:

- Cancer Exercise
- Post-Rehab Training and Conditioning

- Medical Fitness,

      including diabetes, fibromyalgia,

      lupus, back/neck pain, arthritis

- Older Adult Fitness
- Sports Conditioning,

      including golf, snowboarding, skiing
- Equestrian Fitness

Contact Katie 


Phone:  541.306.8545

Email:  Click here


Private studio address:

65950 93rd Street

Bend, OR 97701


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